Cruise Excursions

For many cruise holidaymakers it is the ship itself that is the most important aspect of the holiday, for some it is holiday destination(s) that is the key aspect of a cruise but for many it is the excursions on offer that really make or break a cruise holiday.

Shore excursions, more commonly known to many as Shorex, can be everything from a short bus ride around the port town to a 2 day trip to a world heritage site. They can also be perfect for thrill seekers or just a gentle stroll to see the sights.

Cruise companies normally work with local specialists to give you great experiences that are set up for you in advance but that of course comes at a cost. The savvy cruiser knows that you can get the same service, from the same local specialists and a much cheaper rate simply by taking the time to book directly with them.

Whilst the upside to that can be huge, it can be difficult to track down the companies offering the Shorex you want and it can be difficult to know who you can trust and who you cannot.

Shore Excursions


The good news is that there is a 3rd option and one that is a hybrid of sorts. By booking with a company such as Viator, owned by TripAdvisor, you can book shore excursions with a well-known and reputable company whilst still receiving the expert service e of local tour operators.