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Africa Cruise Holidays

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Africa Cruise Guide
The continent of Africa is often one that gets overlooked by British holidaymakers, aside from visiting the islands off of the North West coast including the Canary Islands and Madeira that are part of European countries, but there is lots on offers throughout the continent that it really should be somewhere you look at visiting.

When it comes to cruising in Africa, there are 3 key options that are on offer to holidaymakers based on the 3 major body of water found around the coast of Africa.

The first option is visiting the continent on a Mediterranean cruise with countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco all sitting on the continents northern Mediterranean coast.

The second option are Indian Ocean cruises that allows cruises to visit such popular tourist countries as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar.

The final option is the Atlantic coast that runs down the western coast of the continent and includes South Africa, Namibia, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and Cape Verde amongst its most popular cruise destinations.

From beautiful beaches in holiday luxurious resorts to bustling multicultural cities and from incredible wildlife to cultural ports of call that give a true insight into local life, the continent of Africa as it all and much of it can be experience on a cruise of the region.

Cruises To Africa

Cruise Holidays in Africa

Although cruises to Africa do not have the same choice when it comes to itineraries and in the cruise lines that offers holidays to the region when compared to the most popular places in the world, it does tend to mean that the cruises that are offered are designed to be memorable and once in a lifetime experiences.

The cheapest cruises with the most options are those that call into the continent northern coastline as part of a cruise around the Mediterranean with a number of cruise lines offering direct cruises from the UK that call into Africa without the need for a fight.

Popular ports of departure for those wanting to start and end their holiday in the Med and maybe add on a few days land holiday along side their cruse that offer a range of holiday that call into northern ports on the continent of Africa include the likes of Palma, Barcelona, Athens and Civitavecchia (Rome).

If you are wanting to head south of the Sahara to visit some of the great destinations available in eastern, western, and southern Africa, the chances are that you will need to take a flight to a departure port either in Africa or in the Middle East, although longer cruises of around 21-28 days are offered from the UK without the need for flights.

One of the most popular cruise ports of departure on the continent is the incredible city of Cape Town in South Africa where you can take cruises up the Atlantic Ocean coast or the Indian Ocean coast and add on a few days before or after your cruise holiday and enjoy all that the beautiful city has to offer.

There are a growing number of cruises offers from the Middle Eastern cruise ports such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai which allow you to visit the eastern seaboard and the Indian Ocean islands.

Africa Cruise Guide

If you are looking to cruise to Africa and are in the process of researching when and where to go, our guides to the most popular country and ports below give you all of the information that you need to make an informed choice but if you have already booked your cruise to the continent, our guides are also useful in getting an insight into your ports of call and making the most of your time on shore.

Africa Cruise Destinations
Cruises To Algeria
Algeria’s location on the Mediterranean Sea makes it an easy destination to reach but unfortunately it is a country that is often overlooked by cruise companies although some do offers stops in the nation’s capital city of Algiers.
Cruises To Angola
If you are wanting to visit Angola on a cruise, the chances are that you will have to save up for a luxury cruise line, with a number offering stops the nation’s capital city of Luanda.
Cruises To Cape Verde
Cape Verde
Thanks to year around sunshine and incredible beaches, the Cape Verde islands have developed a reputation as a holiday resort for those wanting to relax and soak up the sun but there is a lot more to the archipelago than its sandy beaches and the great news is that there is now a decent choice of cruises to the country, with most stopping on Sao Vicente Island.
Cruises To Ivory Coast
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
The Cote d’Ivoire, better known in the UK as the Ivory Coast is one of the least visited countries for cruises but a small number of ships do dock in the bustling city of Abidjan.
Cruises To Egypt
Egypt is one of the most popular countries for enjoying a cruise holiday to as not only do you have great destination in their own right including the likes of Alexandria and Cairo and of course you have must sea attractions such as the pyramids of Giza but a trip through the monumental Suez Canal is on the bucket list of many cruises.
Cruises To Ghana
Ghana is another often overlooked country with only a handful of cruise ships calling into the country each year but if you are lucky enough to be onboard a stop in Tema Harbour offers easy access to the countries bustling capital city of Accra.
Cruises To Kenya
The port city of Mombasa is Kenya’s leading cruse port of call on the Indian Ocean and is a popular stopping of port of call for those looking to take advantage of the regions stunning beaches or to maybe take in some of the iconic wildlife found in Kenya.
Cruises To Madagascar
The Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is famous across the world for its wildlife, with many species only found on the island itself including Lemur’s, but there is a lot more to the island including some of the world’s most beautiful white sandy beaches.
Cruises To Mauritius
Mauritius is known around the world for its luxury resorts and stunning beaches which can be enjoyed on a select number of cruises that mostly call into Port Louis on Mauritius Island.
Cruises To Morocco
The north African country of Morocco sits on the Mediterranean Sea which make it one of the most popular destination for cruise ships on the continent with a range of ports of call including Tangier, Casablanca, Agadir, and Safi.

Morocco is a great choice for those wanting a different experience on a Med cruise or who simply want an African experience on a holiday or southern and western Europe.

Cruises To Mozambique
If you are heading to South Africa to start your cruise holiday, many itineraries will include a stop in Mozambique with ports such as Maputo and Portuguese Island amongst the most popular for those looking for an authentic African experience.
Cruises To Namibia
Namibia is another country that itineraries starting from South Africa often call into with popular stopping off ports including Walvis Bay and Luderitz. The country is a great choice for nature lovers.
Cruises To South Africa
South Africa
South Africa is arguably the most popular country for those wanting to start or end their cruse holiday in Africa as it offers the widest range of cruses and cruise lines and it also offers fantastic port cities for enjoying a short break either side of your cruise.

The country’s location also makes it easy to explore both the Atlantic coast and the Indian Ocean coast from popular ports of departure including Cape Town and Durban.

Both of those ports also offer connections to the UK including direct flights to make starting and ending your holiday in the southern hemisphere relatively straight forward.

Cruises To Senegal
A small number of luxury cruise lines offer the chance to enjoy a day ashore in the Senegal capital city of Dakar, famed for the iconic endurance race.
Cruises To Seychelles
The Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean is known for its picture perfect beaches and stunning scenery that tracts holidaymakers from across the globe to its luxury hotels and resorts but there is now a good number of cruise lines that offer itineraries calling into the country and allowing cruises to enjoy a day of luxury for themselves.
Cruises To Tanzania
The famous city of Zanzibar is the cruise port of choice for most itineraries that call into the east African country of Tanzania on a cruise of the Indian Ocean.
Cruises To Tunisia
Tunisia is another popular country for those wanting an African experience due to the range of itineraries that call into the country on cruises of the Mediterranean with the countries ancient city of Tunis offering a great day on shore taking in the history and culture of the country.

Popular Cruise Lines

Due to the size of the continent and the number of great ports of call ,the vast majority of cruise lines now offer itineraries that take in African ports.

Africa Cruise Guide
Full Name: Africa
Largest Cities: Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, Luanda, Khartoum, Dar es Salaam, Abidjan, Alexandria, Nairobi, Algiers
Language: Multiple (English and French widely spoken)
Demonym(s): African
Top Ports: Cape Town, Tunis (La Goulette), Port Elizabeth, Port Louis and Walvis Bay

The continent of Africa is one of vastness in all aspects, from the size of its biggest cities to the wildness of its deserts and savannah to the size of its native animals to the length of its river sand lots more besides.

One other vastness that impacts holidaymakers is the distance between popular tourist destinations that often means long trip to airports and multiple flights to be able to take in a wide range of what the continent has to offer to it is now becoming easier and easier to take away all of that planning and stress and simply enjoy relaxing on a cruise ship whilst moving from one great destination to the next.

Best Time To Visit

Africa can be enjoyed all year around with warm weather throughout the year in the Mediterranean ports of call but for those wanted to head south of the equate to sub-Saharan Africa, it is probably best to visit in the African summer, or the winter in the northern hemisphere as the winters in the south can be harsh and the seas amongst the roughest in the world.

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Our destination guides include everything from ports to attractions and excursion to the positives and negatives of the destination.