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British Isles Cruises
Sometimes we forget that we live in a beautiful country and people travel from all over the world just to be able to see the place we call home.

Of course as a small nation with a large population, it can be difficult to get from a to b and it can be a stressful experience, especially at rush hour but we are also an Island Nation and that makes us the perfect place to explore via a cruise holiday.

From the wild highlands in Scotland to the mountains of Wales to the city of London in England to rolling green fields of Emerald Isle, the British isles offer something for everybody so it will come as no surprise that not just local cruise lines but some of the biggest liens form across the globe offer trips around the British Isles and you can book a British Isle cruise from many local ports as well as Southampton.

Cruises Around the British Isles

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Cruise Holidays Around British Isles

Enjoy seeing the best of British on a round the British Isles cruise.

British Isles Cruises Ports

Each and every port in Britain and Ireland offer something different for holidaymakers to enjoy whilst on holiday which makes for a great holiday with a new experience every time your ship docks.

Ports in the South East of England allow for you to enjoy the iconic city of London with its world class choice of attractions, shopping and restaurants.

Ports in the north of England offer the opportunity to take in some of England’s most stunning countryside or for an authentic northern experience, why not take in a game of Rugby League?

A stop in Scotland allows for you to visit either Edinburgh or Glasgow, both which offer lots for visits to experience or take in one of the country’s iconic Lochs?

Thanks to improvements to both ports, Belfast and Dublin see more and more cruises ships stopping at the Island of Ireland and opening up the great history and natural beauty of the Emerald Isle.

British Cruise Ports
Here are the most popular cruise ports in Britain and also those that regularly feature on cruises around the British Isles including the Channel islands and Northern Island.

Cruises To Southampton
Whilst the majority may see Southampton as the starting and ending point for a cruise holiday, it is a great place to enjoy a day out in its own right.

The history of this maritime city can be seen throughout but there is also a good mix of the modern with a large shopping centre and entertainment complex but for many it makes for a great base to explore the New Forest, visit the Isle of Wight (where ferries go from walking distance of many of the cruise terminal) and the naval town of Portsmouth.

Cruises To Belfast
Belfast is a city undergoing lots of modernising but it is also a city that makes the most of its fascinating history.

The town centre offers good shopping as well as lots of bars, cafes, and restaurants but for many it is the new Titanic quarter that is the place to visit thanks in part to the impressive Titanic museum.

Cruises To Orkney Islands
Kirkwall, Orkney Islands
Kirkwall is the largest town in Orkney, an archipelago to the north of Scotland but it retains a small town charm and offers stunning views from wherever you are.
Cruises To Liverpool
Liverpool is one of the most iconic cities in the world thanks in part to its maritime past but more so due to the Beatles and its football club Liverpool but there is so much more to the North-West city than music and football.

Enjoy a stroll around town and take in the great shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, take a ferry across the Mersey, take a tour around the iconic Anfield Stadium, watch one of the world greatest rugby teams St Helens or take a stroll along the many attractions along and near to the cities beautiful waterfront.

Cruises To Invergordon
Invergordon, Scottish Highlands
Enjoy a local day simply relaxing in the small town of Invergordon or head to the many great sites of the Scottish Highlands including the beautiful Inverness and the world famous Loch Ness.
Cruises To Shetland Islands
Lerwick, Shetland Islands
Lerwick is the capital of the Shetland Islands, a group of small Islands to the north of Scotland that allow you to enjoy the relaxed nature of this remote town and really immerse yourself in its culture.
Cruises To The Isle of Portland
Isle of Portland
The Isle of Portland is a located just to the south of the seaside resort of Weymouth and forms part of the iconic Weymouth Bay.

The Islands is long and thin and home to some of the UK’s most expensive mansions that all take advantage of the incredible views that you can enjoy yourself.

Cruises To Edinburgh
Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is full of great attractions, historical sites including its famous castle and royal mile and offers some of the best shopping in the United Kingdom.
Cruises To Guernsey
St Peter Port, Guernsey
Stop off at the popular St peter Port on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands for a day of sun, sea and sand whilst still enjoying the comforts and familiarities of home.
Cruises To Glasgow
Greenock, Glasgow
Greenock sits near the mouth of the River Clyde and just a short drive to the thriving city of Glasgow but you can also make the most of your day on shore by visiting the west coast of Scotland and its many highlights.
Cruises To Isle of Man
Douglas, Isle of Man
Douglas is the capital of the Isle of Man, a small Island located in the middle of the Irish Sea that offers a traditional style day at the seaside so take a stroll along the promenade, eat some fish and chips or take an excursion to many attractions of the country perhaps best known as the host of the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.
Cruises To Dover
Perhaps best known as the main ferry port between England and France, Dover also has a modern cruise port that is the perfect base for a day of visiting the areas many attractions including the towns famous and historic cliff top castle.
Cruises To Holyhead
Holyhead is a small Island of the coast of Wales and whilst it is perhaps best known for its key ferry route between Britain and Ireland, the Island itself has lots to offer including historical sites and beautiful countryside.
Cruises To Newcastle
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the north-east of England is a thriving city with a great city centre but it is also a great port of call for exploring the many historic sites of the north east and North Yorkshire or for taking in a game of football or watching the Newcastle Thunder rugby team in this fanatical sporting city.

Popular Cruise Lines

Everybody has a favourite cruise line or at least a type of cruise line, from relaxed floating cities to internet luxury ships and the great news is that due to the popularity of cruises around the British isles, no matter what your preferred option is, there is a cruise line for you!

Here are our top cruise lines that offer holidays around the British Isles.


Cruises Around The British Isles

Full Name: Great Britain
Countries: England, Wales and Scotland
Location: North-western Europe
Capital City: London
Currency: Pound Sterling
Language: English
Demonym(s): British
Top Ports: Southampton, Dover, Liverpool, Edinburgh (Leith), Glasgow (Greenock)

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