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Cruise Destinations

Cruise Destinations

No matter if you love to relax and soak up the sun, explore the culture and attractions of top cities or taking in the stunning scenery of fjords and coastal regions- you can do it all on a cruise holiday.

For many cruisers, the hardest part of any cruise holiday is deciding just where you want to go next and that is why we have put together some fantastic holiday guides to destination across the globe that are written by cruisers for cruisers.

From port information to attractions and from the currency needed to the best time of the year to visit, our cruise destination guides bring you all you need to know is a simply to follow and understand format.

The real beauty of a cruise is that it can be as relaxing or energetic as you want it to be and that as well will affect your choice of cruise destination.

For relaxing holidays with lots of sea days, transatlantic cruises and round trips to the Canaries are great options whilst those who love the exploration options made available by a cruise holiday can explore numerous cities and different cultures of northern Europe all with the hassle of flights and changing hotels daily.

To help you decide, we have written guides to many of the world’s most popular cruise destinations.

Choose Your Next Cruise Destination

For some cruising is all about the cruise ship whilst for others it is all about the destination and for some it is the perfect blend of both but no matter what your preference, picking the wrong destination can ruin a holiday whilst picking the right destination can make a great trip into a memorable one.

With so many destinations to choose from, the choice can seem somewhat overwhelming but the good news is that we have produced informative guides to many cruise destinations to make it easier than ever to pick where your next cruise visits.

To start your planning, why not pick from one of our favourites or choose the option below.

NoFly Cruise Destinations

Perfect for those with only limited funds or time off of work or for those just in need of a quick getaway to recharge the batteries.

Save the hassle of flying with a cruise that starts and ends in the UK.

Norway & Fjords

Norwegian Fjords Cruises

The Norwegian Fjords are a highlight but there is so much more to this stunning country that also offers great cities and the chance to explore the artic.

Mediterranean Cruises

For many the Mediterranean is all about sun, beaches and great food but their is so much more to this part of Europe including fascinating history and thriving cities.

British Isles  Cruises

With so many areas of natural beauty, incredible historic sights, great cities and stunning coastline right on your doorstep, why not enjoy it all on a British Isles cruise?

Northern Europe

Northern Europe Cruises

Northern Europe offers some of the continents leading cities and also a few hidden gems all within easy reach of Britain.

Canary Islands Cruises

Perfect for those looking for winter sun but a great destination all year around, the Canary Islands are the perfect place for those looking to relax in the sun whilst on holiday.


Baltic Cruises

Stretching from the North Sea and finishing at St Petersburg in Russia, a Baltic cruise takes in the best of Scandinavia and Northern Europe as well as the gems of Baltic states.

Fly Away Cruise Destinations

There are lots of places that you reach from the United Kingdom but they take a day or 2 to get their on a cruise and whilst that makes for a relaxing start to a cruise holiday for those able to take a longer cruise of 2 weeks or over it can limit your ports of call on a shorter cruise.

One way to get around that is by starting your holiday with a short flight to an embarkation port in the region you are heading for.

This is popular for those looking to holiday in the Mediterranean or Adriatic and it is also a good choice for those wanting to mix a land holiday with a week on the ocean.

There are of course lots of cruise destinations that simply require a flight, unless you are on a world cruise!, with Pacific, Oceania, and Asian cruises just too far for many of us to start form the UK.

Caribbean Cruises

The Caribbean is one of the world’s most popular destination for a cruise holiday and it is no suprise.

With a huge range of cruise lines, cruise ships and port of calls, their is something for everyone in the Caribbean.


Mediterranean Cruises

Start your holiday in Barcelona or Rome and save the long trip from the UK to the Med. Why not mix a weeks cruise with a weeks break on the continent?


Alaska Cruises

From the inside passage in the south to the glaciers and beauty near to Anchorage, the pacific coast of Alaska is a stunning place for a memorable holiday.

With so many cruise ships operated by so many cruise lines, the world really is your oyster when it comes to the choice of destinations.

The only requirement you need is water- from lakes to rivers and seas to oceans, if a ship can sail on it, you can cruise there.

Whilst the incredible choice of destinations means that you can have the holiday you want, it can also be daunting for many as the choice sometimes too big if anything.

That is especially true if you are new to the world of cruising- just where do you take your first ever cruise? But even if you are an experienced cruisers, choosing your next destination can be tricky.

The good news is that the seemingly never ending list of choices can be narrowed down just by adding your own preferences into the occasion and even better, our guides give you all of the information you need to know if a destination is right, or wrong, for you and your family.

From NoFly cruises to long haul flights, from sunny destination to cold destination to days at sea to port intensive cruises and from short breaks to long getaways- the style of cruise itself can limit your options when it comes to destinations.

When it comes to choosing a cruise holiday it often comes down to 3 key points, the cruise line, the cruise ship and for many it is the destination that is most important.

Cost and availability are of course also hugely important but they are things that you cannot control.

So, when it comes to choosing the right destination for you, just where do you begin?

That is actually a difficult questions to answer as what makes for a great destination for one person is completely different to what makes a great cruise destination for another person but there are something to keep in mind that should make choosing your next cruise holiday easier.

If you ask yourself, where do I want to go on a cruise holiday next? The sheer number of answers makes what seems a simple question become a complicated one but if you break it down, you can limit your options to a much smaller number of destinations.

If you simply start looking for a cruise holiday, you could end up searching for hours and hours and not really get anywhere but as soon as you add some focus into your search, great holiday after great holiday will appear.

Key Questions include: Do I want a warm or cold destination? do I want to depart from the UK or book a fly cruise and do I want a relaxing holiday or an action packed holiday?

To help you decide, we have written guides to many of the world’s most popular cruise destinations.