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Cruises To Norway
Norway is almost a country built specifically for cruise holidays so it is no surprise that so many of us Brit’s head across the north Sea each year for a holiday to remember.

Norway’s stretches from the Baltic Sea across the artic circle into the Artic Sea, with the North Sea linking the 2 and thanks to the long and narrow shape of the country, the vast majority of locations can be reach easily via a cruise ship.

This is helped by the iconic and always stunning Norwegian Fjords that sweep through mountains and past glaciers to take cruisers into stunning towns and villages that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Cruises To Norway

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Cruise Holidays To Norway

For many the really great aspect of a cruise to Norway is the fact that it only take a day at sea to reach the western and southern shores of the country and perhaps best of all is the incredible choice on offer in the country that means you can enjoy a cruise to Norway year after year and still have lots of new places just waiting to be explored.

As with the vast majority of cruise destinations, there are some ports that are constants for many cruises depending on which part of the country you are visiting but thanks in part to the great locations on offer and the fact that the natural beauty and incredible wildlife are amongst the biggest draws of Norwegian cruises and that is something that is always different on every cruises.

Popular Destinations

Norway & Fjords

Norwegian Fjords Cruises

The Norwegian Fjords are a highlight of the country and are rightly on the bucketlist for many cruisers.

Norwegian Cities

Norwegian Cities Cruises

From the historic capital of Oslo to the beauty of Bergen and from the west coast fishing and oil hubs to Trondheim and Tromso in the artic- Norway’s urban areas rival the cities of anywhere.

Norwegian Artic

Norwegian Artic Cruises

From chasing the midnight sun to watching the Northern Lights and from the beauty of the frozen tundra to picturesque fishing villages, cross over the artic circle for a whole new look at the Norwegian coast.

On any given cruise holiday to Norway you can be assured on seeing beautiful coastline, lots of wildlife from whales to eagles with many also visiting some of Scandinavia most historic cities and a select few will get the chance to head north of the artic circle for that true feeling of been an explorer.

If you do not mind the cold, the Lofoten Islands give the chance to experience the wilderness of an archipelago in the North Sea or keep heading north from the mainland to Svalbard and the chance to see Europe’s last remaining polar bears.

Popular Cruise Lines

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Cruises To Norway

Full Name:Kingdom of Norway
Location: Scandinavia
Capital City: Oslo
Currency: Krone (NOK)
Language: Norwegian / Sami
Demonym(s): Norwegian
Top Ports: Bergen, Oslo, Alesund, Tromso, Trondheim, Molde, Kristiansund and Flam

Norway is a country of contrasts, from mountains and fjords to the cities of the south and the remote islands and coast of the artic north and thankfully the vast majority of great destinations found throughout Norway can be easily reached via a cruise holiday.

With that in mind it will be no surprise that Norway has one of the greatest density of cruise ports of any country in the world and it is no surprise that Norway remains one of the most popular countries for British holidaymakers to visit on a cruise holiday.

Best Time To Visit

The summer months are the most popular time to visit Norway thanks to long hours of sun and calmer seas but it is a place that you can visit all year around and it be a different thanks to the natural beauty of the country come rain, sun, snow or mist.

Here at we bring you all of the information you will ever need to choose the right cruise destination for you and your family.

Our destination guides include everything from ports to attraction and excursion to the positives and negatives of the destination.

Norwegian Cruise Ports

When it comes to ports of call in Norway, it is often 3 different regions that people think of. These are the beautiful coastal towns, cities and Fjordlands of the countries West Coast, the artic north and the south coast in the entrance to the Baltic.

Fjordlands and West Coast
Cruises To Flam
When many people think of a village in the Norwegian fjords, it is Flam that comes to mind. Famed for its railway, the village sits at the end of the Aurlandsfjord branch of the Sognefjord and sits in a flood plain between mountains and waterfalls.
Cruises To Geiranger
Geiranger is one of the most popular stopping points on a Norwegian fjords cruise and with good reason. The stunning entrance down the Geirangerfjord, see cruise ships go past the beautiful 7 sisters waterfalls before turning almost 90 degrees to dock in the heart of the small village of Geiranger at the very end of the fjord.

The village features a range of shops, cafes, an easy waterfall walk but it is the surrounding mountains that make this place such an incredible and memorable cruise port.

Cruises To Bergen
Bergen is one of the world’s most beautiful cities located on the south west coast of Norway that is surrounded by fjords and mountains.

The city is famed for its colourful wooden houses and the Floibanen Funicular that take passengers up the Floyen Mountain for a stunning panoramic view.

Cruises To Alesund
Alesund is a stunning port town at the entrance of the iconic Geirangerfjord which is known for its stunning views, art nouveau architectural style and for its breath-taking views.
Cruises To Stavanger
Stavanger is a Cathedral city in the south west of Norway that has been built up on the riches of the Norwegian oil industry.
The towns cruise port is central to main tourist attraction of Gamie Stavanger and the main shopping district of the town centre.
Cruises To Molde
Molde is an historic city in the north of Norway’s stunning west coast that is perhaps best fame for its view of 222 snow clad peaks, known as the Molde panorama that makes for great photos no matter where you are in the town.
Cruises To Kristiansund
Kristiansund is a small but beautiful municipality on Norway’s west coast that offers visitors a number of attractions including churches, historical sites and museums but it is the water front that is the major highlight of Kristiansund and is the place to spend some time simply walking around and enjoying the views out towards the islands that surround the town.
Cruises To OldenNorway
Olden is the quintessential fjordland village set amongst the mountains and waterfalls at the mouth of the Oldeelva river on the shores of the beautiful Nordfjorden.
Cruises To Haugesund
Haugesund made its name on the back of fishing and oil and to this day you can stroll around the mansions of former boat line owners or enjoy strolling around the parks, shops, bars, and cafés of this friendly small town in the south west of Norway.
South Coast
Cruises To Oslo
Oslo is the capital city and largest city in Norway but it still retains a small town charm and is easily explored on foot.
Home to numerous historic sites, large attractions, an incredible park and beautiful waterfront, Oslo is also a great place to do some shopping, drinking, and eating.

Cruises To Kristiansand
Kristiansand is a mix of the old and the new as the town now offers a thriving town centre full of shops, bars, and cafes whilst the old town (Posebyen), you can still walk around traditional wooden houses.

Sites of interest include a neo-Gothic Cathedral, a rotunda fortress and the historic Fiskebrygga quay.

Norwegian Artic
Cruises To Tromso
Tromso is one of the biggest cities in the Artic circle and attracts visitors all year around to the Norwegian artic as during the summer, visitors can enjoy strolling the quaint streets and taking in sites such as the famed artic Cathedral whilst in winter, it is a great spot to view the northern lights.
Cruises To Honningsvag
Honningsvag is one of the northernmost places in Norway and offers a true arctic experience of mountains, tundra and a remote fishing village feel that is a popular stopping point for cruisers in summer to make the most of the midnight sun.
Cruises To Hammerfest
Hammerfest is known as the northernmost town in the world and you really do feel like you are the top of the world in this artic town with stunning views, a beautiful Cathedral, and strong links to polar bears.
Cruises To Trondheim
Trondheim is a stunning Cathedral city located in the Norwegian artic that is fame for its multi-coloured riverside former warehouses and it beautiful Cathedral which is in the gothic style.
Cruises To Bodo
Bodo is a town in the Nordland region of Norway that is just across the border of the artic circle. Surrounded by mountains and with stunning views out to sea, the well-kept town is dominated by the nearby Sandhornet.
Cruises To The Lofoten Islands
Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago in the Norwegian artic that is famed for its dramatic scenery, huge waves that can be surfed all year around and for its small communities full of colourful houses.