English Cruise Ports

When it comes to setting sail on a cruise holiday from England, there is one port that instantly comes to mind and that is the impressive port of Southampton.

With multiple terminals a choice of cruise lines providing bigger and bigger ships and with destinations across the globe, port Southampton is one of the leading cruise ports in the world but thankfully there are improvement been made to ports across England giving more choice than ever.

Ports such as Dover and Newcastle offer a growing choice of cruises from the top cruise lines and perhaps best of all, if you set sail from England, you can put the money you sav eon your air fare into upgrading your cabin or enjoying more of the luxury extras your cruise ship offers.

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Cruise Lines

The great news for all cruise fans is that the choice of both cruise lines and cruise ships offering holidays from England has never been more varied, from luxury liners to those offering massive floating cities and from all-inclusive lines to small and to smaller lines offering traditional ships, there is a cruise line for everybody.

As a key market for many cruise lines, even those based abroad send some of their biggest and best ships whilst home favourites such as Marella Cruises, P & O Cruises and Cruise and Maritime offer a growing range of ships and destinations.

Popular English Cruise Ports

There are now a number of cruise ports offering holidays from England but there are a number that still stand out as the key England ports.

The most popular cruise port in England is of course Southampton whilst Dover, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bristol, Hull and Portsmouth all offer a choice of cruises.

Other Ports

Here are some ports that may not offer the same number of cruises as the more popular cruse ports but they may still be the best option for you.

Cruise From England Destinations
With world cruises on offer from English ports, it really is more of a question of where you cannot visit on a cruise than where you can visit.

The most popular destinations tend to be those that can be reached within a day or 2 of travel and these are the destinations with the more options.

Popular choices includes cruises to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, the Norwegian Fjords, Transatlantic cruises and of course cruises around the British Isles.