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Cruise From Scotland

If you are based in Scotland and are looking for your next cruise, the great news is that you no longer have to make the long drive down to Southampton or to try and pack everything you need into one suitcase for a flight, you can set sail on a number of cruise lines from a number of ports around Scotland.

Cruise Lines
Unfortunately whilst a growing number of even the biggest cruise lines calling into ports in Scotland whilst on a cruise, few actually start or end there cruises at a Scottish port.

Thankfully a growing number of smaller and medium sized cruise lines including the likes of Fred Olsen Windstar, Oceania Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection and local favourite Hebridean Cruise Line.

Scotland is home to a number of cruise ports offering a good range of cruises, for more information, please follow the links below.

Scottish Cruise Ports

Scotland is home to a small number of cruise ports that offer a range of cruise holiday to numerous parts of Europe.

As you would expect, the biggest range of cruises from Scotland are from ports linked to the major central belt cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Popular Scottish Cruise Ports

There are now a number of cruise ports offering holidays from Scotland but there are a number that still stand out as the key Scottish ports.

Cruises From Greenock
The Port of Greenock sits on the River Clyde and acts as the gateway for the city of Glasgow but whilst the majority of cruise lines visiting the port use it as a port of call, a small number offer cruises starting from the port.

As a West Coast of Scotland port, cruises from Greenock tend to be to destinations to the west of the British Isles including across the Irish Sea to Ireland and north to Iceland and Greenland, whilst some also head south to France, Northern Spain and the Channel Islands.

Cruises From Rosyth
The Port of Rosyth is just to the North West of the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh and mostly acts as a port of call for those heading into the city but there are also a small number of cruises that depart from the port.

The cruise along the Firth of Forth and under the iconic Forth Bridges makes for one of the most beautiful always out of any British cruise port and adds to any holiday.

Cruises from this port tend to head to destinations west of Scotland including the likes of the Norwegian Fjords, Norwegian Artic and the Baltic Sea.

Cruises From Leith
Leith is just outside of the centre of Edinburgh and whilst it is once more mostly used as a port of call, there are a small number of cruises that depart from the port.

Leith is a popular port for cruise lines offering days in the Scottish capital but it is possible to start your cruise holiday from just outside of the centre of Edinburgh which makes it an accessible port for most living in Scotland.

Other Ports

Here are some ports that may not offer the same number of cruises as the more popular cruise ports but they may still be the best option for you.

Cruises From Dundee
The Port of Dundee is a small port on the River Tay that offers a limited number of cruises which tend to be on smaller, more traditional cruise ships that offer short holidays around the British Isles or across the North Sea to Northern Europe and Norway.

Cruise From Scotland Destinations
As with all cruise ports, the location of Scotland’s cruise ports does in many ways determine where cruise lines choose to send their cruise ships to with the Norwegian Fjords and Northern European cities amongst the most popular.

Other popular options include cruises around the British isles, Baltic Cruises and even a small number of cruises to the sunny Mediterranean.

Cruise From Scottish Ports

Scotland is a fantastic country for a cruise holiday and that is why so many of the world’s biggest cruise lines offers a wide range of itineraries that call into all parts of the country but unfortunately that does not equate to the cruise holidays that start off their journeys in the country.

If you are looking for a cruise from Scotland, you will be limited to a small number of ports, a small number of lines, a small number of destinations and unfortunately only smaller to medium sized ships.

If you are wanting to enjoy the worlds biggest ships from the world’s most popular lines, you will either have to book a flight to embarkation ports across the globe or make the trip down to Southampton but if you are wanting a relatively local cruise on a smaller line, there are options available directly from Scotland.

There are local cruise lines that operate out of a number of Scottish ports and that offer trips around the beautiful Scottish islands but there are a number of cruise lines that offer cruises to popular cruise holiday destinations including the likes of Northern Europe and the Norwegian Fjords.

If you prefer a small ship offering a more traditional style of cruising then you are in look as that is what tends to be offered out of Scottish ports but for large all action and family friendly style cruising, you will likely have to look further afield.

Whilst the options are limited, they tend to be focussed on the best options available. Start your next adventure on the high seas with the long drive to Southampton or a stressful airport experience by choosing your next cruise to depart from one of Scotland cruise ports, for a more relaxing start to any cruise holiday.