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Cruise Hols

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Cruise Holiday Guide

Cruise Holiday Guides and Advice at CruiseHols

A cruise holiday allows you to do what you want, when you want and it is that freedom that so many of us are looking for on a holiday nowadays but it is that incredible choice and freedom that can make planning a cruise holiday confusing and time consuming for many of us.

That can take away from the great holiday that awaits you when you finally book your next cruise and whilst the cruise bug that we all seem to get means that we are planning our next cruise as soon as we finish our last one, it would be great if there was a simpler way to get all of the information that is needed to decide on all aspects of choosing a cruise.

That is where this cruise holiday guide and portal website comes in as here at CruiseHol we bring you all of the information that you need for planning a cruise, from port and destination guides to cruise line and ship reviews.

Who We Are

Cruising has come a long way from the days of luxury travel only for the rich to where there is now a cruise line and a cruise ship to suit everybody’s taste.

If you are a seasoned cruiser, use our website to find a new cruise line or a new destination to enjoy or if you are brand new to cruising, use our website to make sure you pick the right line and the right ship for you.

Of course for most of us we have tried a few cruise lines or a few different ships and just want to know what else is on offer.

Cruise Holidays

There is something special about a cruise holiday as it is a truly unique experience. For many traveling is a tiring experience, fully of queuing and waiting in lines and the chance to see new places and new sites can often leave you tired and in need of another holiday when you get home.

Cruising is the opposite. You get to visit a new place almost every day, with most cruise holiday visiting multiple countries and with your hotel following you along on your journey, you never need to repack, travel and then pack again.


From the sun of the Caribbean and Mediterranean to the beauty of Alaska and the Norwegian Fjords and from the culture of Northern Europe to the excitement of crossing the Atlantic, no matter where you want to go to on a cruise, we have all the information you need.

Cruise Ships
Cruise Ships
From compact luxury liners where every stateroom is a suite with a balcony to massive floating cities, there is a cruise ship for anybody.

Cruise ships have evolved over the years from where the majority were similar to a luxury hotel to where most are now similar to all-inclusive holiday resorts where you decide what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Cruise Lines
If there is a type of cruise for everybody, there is a cruise line for everybody. A cruise used to be pretty much the same no matter what cruise line you choose as you followed the same way of cruising. During the day, cruising was much the same it is today as you woke up, eat breakfast and then went off exploring on port days or settled in for a day or relaxing by the pool or enjoying the included onboard entertainment.
Cruise Lines
Cruise Excursions
Whilst there is nothing quite like the feeling of been on a cruise ship out at sea for that sense of relaxation but also excitement at what is to come, nothing can beat the thrill of arriving into a new port in a new country and knowing that you have a day of exploring ahead of you.
With some ports relatively remote or your time on land only short, it is often the best case for those wanting to make the most of any day on land to take advantage of cruise excursions.

All cruise line swill offer you the chance to book excursions through them, but these are often overpriced and frustrating as there are so many people on the excursion with that every where becomes crowded and a hassle but thankfully the savvy cruiser knows that you can book shore excursions online before you go and not only save money but more often than not you are in a much smaller group to really make the most of your visits to ports around the globe.

Book a Cruise

If you are a well-travelled, seasoned cruisers, there is a good chance that you will have your favourite cruise line, your preferred cruise ship and some destinations that you love to travel to and cruise ports you love to travel from.

That can make choosing your next cruise a simple process, so if you can find a cruise that matches all of those points, you know it is the one for you but if you can find a holiday that matches 2-3 of those points, you know that you are likely to have a fantast getaway.

But what are you to do if you are brand new to cruising or if you have only used 1 cruise line, travelled to a couple of similar destinations and have only experience a singular ship or a couple of similar ones?

If that is the situation you find yourself in or even if you are an experienced cruiser but who are looking for a new experience, you will need to research, research and research!

That is where comes to your aid as we bring you in depth reviews and guides to all aspect of cruising to make booking your next cruise holiday as simple as possible.

Take away the confusion of cruising by reading through our guides, following our advice and by making sure that your next cruise holiday is the right cruise holiday for you and your family.

Cruise Holiday Guide

The world of cruising is one of adventure, excitement, and almost endless possibilities and whilst that is ever increasingly attractive to more and more people, it can often also be overwhelming for those starting on the cruising lifestyle.

After a cruise or 2, many people will catch the cruise bug where when one cruise finishers, the only thing that you can think about is your next cruise and that often leads to month after month of planning your next getaway.

The internet is full of incredible resources to help you do just that but sometimes you just want uncluttered, straight to the point guides and advice directly from cruises and experienced travellers and that is exactly what we bring you right here at

As you would expect, the majority of our guides, articles and lists are aimed at those from the UK cruising as that is where our expertise are based upon but the vast majority of information found on this portal is useful to all cruisers no matter where you are based.

Why Choose A Cruise Holiday?

If you are new to the wonderful world of cruising, welcome, but where have you been?

The joy of cruising is one that just keeps giving as you have all of the excitement of the unknown in the build up to your holiday, lots of excitement and fun whilst on holiday and then when you get back home, you have all of the great memories to fondly look back on for years to come.

Whilst a lot of holidays could have the same said about them, there is always something special about a holiday onboard a cruise ship as you get so much more than any other type of holiday.

No matter if you usual type of getaway is a beach holiday, a lakes and mountains holiday or a city break, you will more than likely wake up in the same hotel in the same place and set of exploring in the same way before coming back again to the same place later that day.

On a cruise holiday you have a luxury resort which acts as your hotel for your time away and it is also your holiday resort whilst at sea.

Full of a choice of bars, entertainment, theatres, musicians, restaurants, cafes, activities and more, your cruise ship offers all that you could hope for from a beach resort in the Caribbean or from a great city centre.

Of course it is also your mode of transport, so whilst you wake up in the same bed, the view from your balcony will be different every day.

Some days you will wake up with nothing but the open ocean surrounding you and this is your chance to spend the day relaxing around the pool or taking part in the many onboard activities. This is basically the same as a beach holiday or a resort holiday but then you wake up the next day and you are docked in an incredible city, tourist town or on a beautiful island and this is like a city break where you can walk off of the ship and simply set of exploring on foot and take in all of culture, sights and smells.

On many cruises, such as those going to the Norwegian Fjords, you can also have those days when you are cruising past mountains, waterfalls and glaciers and this is like a lakes and mountains holiday but unlike a trip to the alps where you have the same view, on a cruise holiday you go from one mountain to the next and from one waterfall to the next.