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Cruise Hols

Hello and welcome to CruiseHols.co.uk- your one stop guide for all things cruising.

Cruising has come a long way from the days of luxury travel only for the rich to where there is now a cruise line and a cruise ship to suit everybody’s taste.

If you are a seasoned cruiser, use our website to find a new cruise line or a new destination to enjoy or if you are brand new to cruising, use our website to make sure you pick the right line and the right ship for you.

Of course for most of us we have tried a few cruise lines or a few different ships and just want to know what else is on offer.

Cruise Holidays

There is something special about a cruise holiday as it is a truly unique experience. For many traveling is a tiring experience, fully of queuing and waiting in lines and the chance to see new places and new sites can often leave you tired and in need of another holiday when you get home.

Cruising is the opposite. You get to visit a new place almost every day, with most cruise holiday visiting multiple countries and with your hotel following you along on your journey, you never need to repack, travel and then pack again.

Cruise Ships
Cruise Ships
From compact luxury liners where every stateroom is a suite with a balcony to massive floating cities, there is a cruise ship for anybody.
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Cruise lines
If there is a type of cruise for everybody, there is a cruise line for everybody. A cruise used to be pretty much the same no matter what cruise line you choose as you followed the same way of cruising. During the day, cruising was much the same it is today as you woke up, eat breakfast and then went off exploring on port days or settled in for a day or relaxing by the pool or enjoying the included onboard entertainment.
Cruise Line

Type of Cruise

No matter what your status is as a cruiser, we are sure that we all agree that a cruise is a great way to explore and to see the world whilst be able to do as much or as little as you would like to do.

From all action adventure/ expedition cruises to relaxing transatlantic to busy port intensive cruises to mini cruisers for a short break away.

On a night-time, you would all get changed in your black tie attire or formal wear at least before sitting down for a meal at a set time and with the same set of people, before heading for an evening show at a set time.

Nowadays you can choose a line wear formal wear is still the norm or where you can dress casual 24/7 and then there are some that offer a happy medium.

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Local Port or Fly Cruise

Cruise Ports
Choosing the right starting point is always a difficult question. This is a question even an experienced cruiser often asks themselves when booking a new cruise and it really depends on what you are wanting.

If your local port or a cruise port that is within driving distance offers cruises to a destination you would like to offer on a cruise line you want to use and on a ship you want to go on, then a local port is probably the best starting point for you.

This is normally the best option for a first cruise or for those who have only been on a limited number of cruses as most ports only offer a limited number of ships, destinations and cruise lines and of course you will have to be lucky to get a port that offer the perfect option for all of those points.

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From the sun of the Caribbean and Mediterranean to the beaty of Alaska and the Norwegian Fjords and from the culture of Northern Europe to the excitement of crossing the Atlantic, no matter where you want to go to on a cruise, we have all the information you need.