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Baltic Cruise Holidays

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Batlic Cruise Holiday Guide

Tallinn, Estonia

If soaking up the sun is your idea of a great cruise holiday then the Baltics is probably not for you but if you love a wide range of ships, incredible ports of calls and also sights then the Baltics could be just the destination for you.

The Baltic Sea is an area of contrasts as it brings together the Northern European economic powerhouses with the culture of the former Soviet States and the friendliness of the Scandinavian countries and best of all, the Baltic Sea brings you great port after great port after great port so sea days are at a minimum and great days of exploration ate maximised.

The Baltics can be reached directly from a choice of UK ports for those not wanting to fly or from embarkation ports including Copenhagen, Stockholm and Warnemunde.

Cruises To The Baltics

Cruise Holidays in the Baltic

The Baltic Sea is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that starts off of the North Sea at Denmark and continues through the Gulf of Finland to St Petersburg in Russia and takes in the Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland.

That opens up a whole host of possibilities and means that you can enjoy to visit destinations that are of interest to you and best of all, there are a wide range of cruise lines offering a range of cruise ships from big all action floating cities to small and intermediate ships offering a traditional cruise experience.

Cruises to the Baltics are offered from a select number of ports in Britain, with the widest range been from Southampton. It takes roughly 1 sea day to reach the Baltic which again gives you option as you can visit the region on either a 7 day, 10 day or 14 day cruise.

Baltic Sea Cruise Guide

Popular Ports

Whilst there are a huge array of option when it comes to a cruise holiday in on the Baltic Sea, there are a number of ports of call that stand out as the most popular including Tallinn (Estonia), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), St Petersburg (Russia), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway) and Riga (Latvia).​

Baltic Cruise Destinations

Before setting out on a Baltic Cruise or booking your next holiday to Northern and Eastern Europe, make sure you read our in-depth guides to the great Baltic cruise destinations.

Cruises To Denmark
The Danish capital city of Copenhagen is the most popular stopping point for Baltic cruises to the country and what a great port of call it is.

Big enough to offers lots of options for a great day on shore but small enough to easily find your own way around, we always recommend looking for cruises calling into, or even starting/ending at Copenhagen.

Cruises To Estonia
Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is by far the country’s leading cruise port and it is no surprise why. The walled city of Tallinn offers lots of attractions and with your boat moored up just a short stroll from the city centre, you can explore all that this popular tourist spot has to offer on your own.
Cruises To Finland
Whilst the capital city of Helsinki is the major cruise port and is well worth visiting, there is lots more to this mostly rural country that makes exploring it a fascinating experience.
Cruises To Germany
There are a number of great ports in Germany awaiting holidaymakers on a Baltic cruise including the likes of Hamburg, Kiel, and Rostock and thanks to the great public transport system in the country, you can explore the north of Germany on your own easily and cheaply.
Cruises To Latvia
Latvia is an often overlooked country for cruisers but it is quickly developing a reputation as a must visit country with the nation’s capital city of Riga offering a fantastic port of call.
Cruises To Lithuania
Lithuania is another country that has often been overlooked but that is seeing more and more cruise lines offer as an option with the port town of Klaipeda been the major port of call.
Cruises To Poland
The port of Gdynia, which offers easy access to the popular city of Gdansk, is the biggest cruise port in Poland and is where the majority of Baltic cruises will call into.
Cruises To Russia
The majority of cruise holidays in the Baltic Sea will follow the same pattern of heading to St Petersburg in Russia, with many offering an overnight stay to allow holidaymakers to take advantage of all of the great sights, attractions, and places of interest in this historic and fascinating city.
Cruises To Sweden
From the capital city of Stockholm, complete with one of the most beautiful entrances to any port in the world, to the always popular Gothenburg and to the up and coming city of Malmo, Sweden has lots to offer visitors on a cruise.
Cruises To Norway
Whilst many associated cruises to Norway with the Norwegian Fjords, cruises from the UK to the Baltic Sea go past the south coast of the country which makes it worthwhile picking a holiday that stops at the capital city of Oslo of the small but beautiful Kristiansand.

Popular Cruise Lines

The vast majority of cruise lines that operate in Europe offer cruises to the Baltic Sea including P&O, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Royal Caribbean, MSC, Princess and Costa.


As with every sea, there is no real start and finish line when it comes to the Baltic Sea and there will not be a ‘welcome to the Baltic’ announcement waiting for you on your cruise but the entrance to the Baltic Sea is the closest you will come to that.

As you sail down the Oresund Straight between Denmark and Sweden, you are greeted by the impressive sight of the Oresund Bridge- one of the biggest bridges in Europe that links Copenhagen with Malmo via a tunnel and road/rail bridge.

For much of the history of the region, the sea and coastlines were all about trade with many capital cities sitting on the Baltic Sea coast and the body of water acting as a major trade route, especially for Russia oil.

Another major industry of the region is ship building with major shipyards at Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin, Kiel, Karlskrona, Malmo, Rauma, Turku, Helsinki, Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Klaipeda and Saint Petersburg and with many of those either formerly building cruise ships or currently building cruise ships, there is a good chance that when you take a Baltic Cruise, your ship maybe heading home!

Over the last decade or so, a big change in the region has occurred and it is now tourism that has become one of the biggest industries and with so many of the major tourist destinations on the coast and at or near to ports, it is no surprise that Baltic cruise holidays have become so popular.

Best Time To Visit

Due to the cold weather, ice and difficulty in navigating the sea in the winter, the Baltic Sea is almost fully a summer getaway destination with some cruise line sonly offering itineraries between May-October whilst some do start in April.

Baltic Cruises From UK

The great news for all those who are wanting to set sail from the UK to the Baltic region is that it tends to be one of the most popular choices for cruise lines operating out of these waters.

That gives plenty of choice when it comes to the size and style of ship, the cruise line and also for the ports of call offered.

Most cruises from ports such as Southampton and Newcastle will be around 10-14 nights in length although there is often the opportunity to sail for longer and extend a trip to include more Scandinavian ports of call.

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