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Arctic Cruise Holidays

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Arctic Cruise Holidays Guide

Honningsvag, Norway

When many of us think about the Arctic it is often the incredible images on nature programmes from the high Arctic where Muskox, Polar Bears and Artic Foxes brave -50 temperatures on a landscape that looks like it is from a different planet.

To go there seems an impossible task for the average holidaymaker or for those simply looking for a fun getaway from the stresses of life but there is another art of the Arctic that is easy to reach and is available the vast majority of cruises.

Even better it is just as simple and straightforward to head to the Arctic as it is to go to The Med on cruises with holidays available from UK flights and easy to do on a 10-14 day getaway.

Even better is the chance to enjoy the midnight sun and 24 hours of daylight throughout the summer months or for those looking for a breath-taking memory, head to the Arctic in winter to enjoy some of the best Aura Borealis (Northern Lights) spotting in the world.

Cruises to the Arctic

Cruise Holidays in the Arctic

When it comes to cruises in the Arctic there are 2 distinctly different options that you have to consider, one is your more traditional cruise holiday that are offered by the household names and the other type is an expedition cruise.

The latter is often on smaller vessels without big show bars and large scale entertainment but these are ships that are designed to get you close to the action and to integrate you in the region.

No matter what type of option you prefer, there is an ever growing selection in terms of durations, ships, cruise lines and perhaps most importantly it is getting cheaper and cheaper to visit the region, especially if you choose to visit on a No-Fly cruise direct form the United Kingdom.

If that is your preferred option, the vast majority of cruises to the Arctic will be to the Norwegian Arctic, with many offering trips to the top of Europe for the summer solstice but if you do not mind flying for your cruise port of embarkation, you can see lots more of the region including across the pond in Canada and Alaska and also the rugged wilderness of Arctic Russia.

Arctic Cruise Guide

Popular Ports in the Arctic

Due to the ease and relatively low cost of reaching them for most British cruisers, the most popular cruise ports in the Arctic are the ones based in Norway with those in Iceland and Greenland growing in popularity- although it should be said that no ports of call in Iceland are actually based across the Arctic circle but many cruises will cross the line in reaching them.

Ports such as Longyearbyen, Bodo, Lofoten Islands, Tromso, and Honningsvag are all offered by a number of cruise lines directly from the United Kingdom.

If you are looking for a truly special memory and are a nature lover, why not head to Longyearbyen in the Svalbard archipelago to see Polar Bears in the wild?

Arctic Cruise Destinations
Cruises To Norwegian Arctic
Norwegian Arctic
For many a cruise to Norway is all about the Fjords and is something that is almost a rite of passage for British cruisers as it is the first cruises so many of us go on but whilst the Fjords are always a stunning location for a cruise, it is now just as easy to head further north and take in some of Norway’s greatest cruise ports which are found across the Arctic Circle.

Some of the greatest ports of call include the stunning Lofoten Islands, the cities of Tromso and Trondheim and the beautiful Honningsvag at the very top of Europe.

Cruises To Svalbard
The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard offers a chance to experience a totally unique polar experience as whilst you find yourself on a remote and baron Island in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, you can visit it onboard a large cruise ship from one of the main stream lines with many even offer direct trips from the UK.

For those looking for a truly authentic getaway, there are a number of cruse lines that offer expeditions cruises around the whole archipelago which is a must for any nature lover.

Cruises To Russia
For those looking for an adventure, the Russia Artic and Siberia is a great location to enjoy getting away from it all and for been one with nature but it does come at a huge cost, although it is often you get to sail from Europe to Asia.
The key port of call in this region is Murmansk.
Cruises Through the North West Passage
North West Passage, Canada
The North West Passage, which links the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean across the top of Canada is another destination for those looking for an adventure and for those who have the funds to retrace the iconic route of early explorers.

Popular Cruise Lines

For those wanting a more traditional style of cruise holiday to the Arctic, the good news is that many firm favourites offer cruises to the region, especially to the Norwegian Arctic including the likes of P&O, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises whilst those wanting to experience an expedition style cruise have a number of options including the iconic Hurtigruten.

The Arctic
Cruises To Arctic

Full Name: The Arctic
Location: Northern Polar Region
Currency: Multiple
Language: Multiple
Top Ports: Longyearbyen, Bodo, Lofoten Islands, Tromso, Honninsvag, Murmansk

The Arctic is the polar region found in the northernmost arts of Earth and it is due to that that the region seems like a place that is too far for many of us to visit and it is what makes the region seem almost otherworldly.

The Arctic Ocean links a number of countries including the USA (Alaska), Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden and it is also how so many of us can enjoy a cruise holiday in the region.

Due to the incredible cold temperate and sea ice that covers the region for much of the year, trips to the Artic on the vast majority of cruise ships can only be enjoyed throughout the summer months but that also adds to the excitement and the different nature of an Arctic getaway as you experience 24 hours of glorious sunshine.

The region is home to incredible wildlife, including polar bears and whales which can be viewed from onboard your chosen cruise ship whilst the vista enjoyed in the region allow you to enjoy the frozen tundra of the north.

A cruise to the Arctic is perfect for those wanting a new experience and to be met with stunning views 24 hours a day as you go from one huge mountain to another and from one massive waterfall to another and then when you think you have nothing let to photograph you come across massive glaciers and ice fields.

A cruse to the Arctic is one holiday that will live long in the memory and that will be something to show off the photographs to your friends and family when you get home.

Best Time To Visit The Arctic

As one of the coldest and darkest places on earth throughout the winter, the Arctic is only really open for visitors in the summer with summer solstice trips always amongst the most popular.

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