Cruise Ports

Whilst there is lots to take into account when researching and booking a cruise holiday, there is always 3 key points to keep in mind; ship, destination and port.

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If you get each of these 3 aspects of cruising correct, the chances are you will have an incredible time that you will never forget, get 1 wrong and it could be unforgettable for completely different reasons!

So if you at this page, you will be in the process of thinking about which port you would like to set sail from and whilst that may seem like a simple question with most people instantly thinking of the closest one been the answer, there is a lot more than the ports closeness to your home to take into account.

Questions such as, does the port offer the type of cruise ship I want to holiday on and can the destination I want to visit be reached from the port? Will come to mind quickly but others such as how much and easy is the parking and does is the port actually in the destination I want to start from?

If you are new to travelling that last question may seem a strange one but just as in flying where you get ‘Ryanair’ airports, you also get cruise ports named after cities nowhere near the port.

As an Island nation, most of our ports are near to or in the towns and cities they take their name from but many overseas cruise lines will call anywhere from Southampton to Dover, London.

On the continent the port called Rome is actually Civitavecchia some couple of hours by road away from the capital of Italy whilst Berlin, is up to 3 hours from the coast with most cruise lines operating out of Warnemunde, near Rostock.

UK Cruise Ports

If you are setting sail from the UK and returning to the same port, more commonly known as a NoFly cruise, the ease of access to the port, price and availability of parking and of course the destinations offered are all the key aspects to take into consideration.

Overseas Ports

If you are doing a fly cruise, they can be expensive mistakes to make with taxis costing E100’s or some may even miss the ship by not allowing enough time.

For a Fly Cruise, things like nearby airports, ease and cost of flights and if the port city is somewhere you would actually like to visit are all things to consider.


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